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Horton Outdoor – A Tribute

McWhorter Capital Partners (MCP) wouldn’t be where we are without Eric Horton. Eric was big in many ways. He was big in stature, personality and love. Christ-follower, husband, dad, friend, partner were a few titles he wore. His love for Auburn University was “AUsome”, but paled in comparison to his love for his savior, Jesus Christ and his family – Jennie, Hunter & Chandler.

Eric was a smart businessman that grew a successful business in the outdoor marketing space. With the help of Eric and his expertise, MCP launched into the outdoor industry in 2016 with the purchase of seven structures. A few months passed, another five structures were added and two more shortly thereafter. Currently, we’re in the process of continuing to add more structures to our inventory using some of the same thought processes Eric taught and made him successful.

Being one of the original investors and one of the five original board members at MCP, it only made sense to honor him in a way fitting to the time he invested in making this dream a reality. Posthumously, we re-named our outdoor marketing company to Horton Outdoor. We strive to honor Eric on a daily basis by continually doing the things he did, both operationally and ethically while growing the company to what he knew it would become.

We thank Eric and remember him fondly. As anyone who knew him would say, he left an indelible mark on each person’s life and in our case, business.

Frequently Asked Billboard Questions

How do billboards compare to other types of advertising?
A. Billboards in most cases cost far less than other forms of traditional advertising but offer you a greater reach. Remember you can’t turn off, turn over or pause a billboard. It’s huge, unmissable, and on display 24/7 x 365 – now that’s reach. Not only that, but only television advertising can offer better brand-retention. Billboards are far better than radio, newspapers, magazines and even online for having your message remembered.
Aren’t billboards expensive?

A. Billboards aren’t as expensive as you might think, it’s a bit of a myth that smaller businesses can’t afford them and with the likes of Coca-Cola and BMW advertising it’s easy to think they must be really expensive. Wrong. Big brands use outdoor advertising because they know it works. Advertising on a giant 12 x 50' billboard can be as little as $40 per day.  At Horton Outdoor, we believe high-end outdoor advertising should be available to every business no matter how big or small.

Will you help me design my billboard?
A. We have our own in-house design studio so we can help with your artwork and design needs no matter what you are looking for. We always try to advise you on the look of your advert whether you use our services or not because we want you to get maximum exposure from your booking. We have years of experience in designing great adverts so talk to us about how you can really make an impact.
What should I say on my billboard?

A. As with many things, keep it simple – less is more. You are trying to sell your goods or services, so don’t confuse the viewer or make it so complicated no one gets it. Remember that in most cases passers-by only have a few seconds to take in your advert, so you need to make it punchy, clean and easy to understand. Stay away from using too much copy (text) and remember, no one reads the small print, especially on a billboard! There are a few simple rules that you should try to stick to when thinking about what to say:

  1. Who are you (brand logo/name) contact details – phone or web
  2. What are you selling or trying to promote
  3. When and where is it happening, or where can they find your business
  4. That’s really it, less is more and if you can direct people elsewhere to get more info even better.

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