via Billboard Insider

Josh McWhorter owns McWhorter Capital Partners, a Cartersville, GA investment fund with holdings in real estate, accounting, restaurants and out of home advertising.  In 2015 the firm launched Horton Outdoor which owns billboards in Georgia, Alabama and Florida.  Insider asked McWhorter to talk about out of home.

Josh what’s your fund’s investing philosophy?

Like most firms we seek to deliver total return through appreciation & income. We differentiate ourselves through “why” & our flexibility. We started officially in 2013 with roughly 40 families who invested their hard earned dollars that have given me a lot of leeway and grace in terms of decision making. The whole purpose behind the mission was a calling I had to allow partners to give more through our returns. I’m a huge believer in giving personally but realized early on I could only do so much. However, if I could get likeminded people on board, together we could create a better community. We’ve been blessed thus far & pray the Lord continues to bless as He has in the past. From a flexibility standpoint, we’re still relatively small & a private company. If I personally see an opportunity that may produce less income now but offers potential appreciation down the road, it’s allowed. Likewise, if an asset produces substantial income now but doesn’t quite have appreciation potential of others, there’s a tremendous amount of support as well. Starting in Q1 2016,  read more…